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Chief winemaker at one of Italy's finest co-operative wineries

  • In Italy’s far north, the Alto Adige region, set among the breathtaking Dolomites, is home to arguably the finest Co-Operative wineries in the world. One such example is Nals Margreid, consisting of 138 grower families all producing the highest quality grapes. And Harald Schraffl is the head winemaker who brings it all together.

  • A seasoned veteran who began making wine all the way back in 1997, Harald’s philosophy is to create top-quality wines that deliver the elegant, fresh and unique Alpine style that Alto Adige is famous for. One taste of his stunningly aromatic white wines and you’ll instantly see what we mean.

  • But of course, as a co-operative winemaker and humble guy, Harald is quick to point out that his wines are a team effort. He knows the fruit he gets to work with is some of the very best going - a testament to his 138 grape-growers - and he and his winery team’s job is simply to help these first-class grapes reach their full potential.

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