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Naked Novices

New to Naked? Chat to your friendly fellow Angels here, ask for their top wine tips and find out more about the perks of being an Angel.

What I'm drinking tonight

Wondering which wine to drink tonight? Join the group and ask your fellow Angels for tips and wine advice.

Naked Wines 2.0

Help shape the future of the website and learn about new Naked functionality. Share your feedback and tell us what you'd like to see!

Food & Wine Matching

Wondering what wine to enjoy with your dinner tonight? Got an amazing recipe to share? You've come to the right place.

Thirsty Toosday

Thirsty Toosday is a fun and interactive zoom event where you can learn more about our lovely winemakers. Use this group to connect with other thirsty Angels!

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Culture Club

Formed: 08.07.2023


Naked Friday

Formed: 16.06.2023


Keto Friendly Wine

Formed: 23.01.2023


Barclays Wine Concierge

Formed: 09.11.2022