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Son of a giant of Bordeaux winemaking, proudly following in his father's footsteps

  • Born into the famous Lurton family of winemakers, Jacques' father Andre was a true giant of Bordeaux, with a celebrity reputation and an incredible wine portfolio built over 6 decades. It was only natural that Jacques himself would follow in his father’s footsteps and, when Andre passed away in 2019, it was Jacques who took on the family mantle as CEO and winemaker of the family business.

  • It was in Australia in the 1980s that Jacques really discovered his passion for winemaking, when he saw the groundbreaking techniques Aussie winemakers were using - light years ahead of traditional old Bordeaux. He came back to work at the family estate, bringing these newfound techniques with him, before founding the world’s first flying wine consultancy with his brother. Over the years, he’s made wine in more than 20 countries - from France to Australia to Argentina to Moldova - and filled up a fat stack of passports.

  • Now back in Bordeaux, Jacques is super-excited to be making wine for you and he’s keen to hear your feedback, which he says will help make his wines even better. A lover of cool-climate styles - like those of Piedmont, Burgundy and the Loire - Jacques tries to evoke those characteristics in his own wines. And being from Bordeaux, you just know his kit's going to be fruity, complex and velvety smooth.

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