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Meet the Londoner who's finally mastered the perfect lower-alcohol tipple

  • Nick Johnson is the founder of Spirit of Bermondsey - a one-of-a-kind drinks company, devoted to capturing a unique part of London (the old gateway to the world's spice trade) with lower-alcohol alternatives to the UK's favourite spirits.
  • Nick's also a local councillor who's deeply involved in the community and history of Bermondsey. The inspiration for his unique spiced botanical blend, Trinity25, he drew from the names of Bermondsey’s warehouses – Nutmeg House, Cardamom Building, Vanilla and Sesame Court – all named after the spices they originally stored. 
  • His mould-breaking Trinity25 is a fresher alternative to gin (at 25%) and is made with 100% English grain spirit, cold-infused with juniper and a ‘trinity’ of spiced botanicals. It’s a drink you can enjoy drinking throughout the evening – not so strong that it leaves you feeling ropey the next day, but strong enough to feel like a ‘proper drink’. 


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